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The South Country Ambulance Company boasts some of the most advanced and highly-equipped vehicles in Suffolk County. These vehicles, when paired with the vast skill and professionalism of our motor vehicle operators, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics provide the highest level of care to over 45,000 residents of the South Country Ambulance District. Our vehicles feature state-of-the art emergency lighting systems (including 360º scene lighting– a feature rarely installed on ambulances), advanced air ride suspension, 200-watt speakers coupled with dual stutter-tone air horns, as well as a Brigade 360º camera system with a simulated bird's-eye-view display. These features allow our providers to safely respond to the scene of medical emergencies while ensuring the vehicle can move safely through traffic– regardless of weather or road condition.


In addition to the features of the vehicle itself, every ambulance sports a large patient compartment equipped with the latest Stryker PowerPro XT stretcher and PowerLoad system, as well as brand new LifePak 15 cardiac monitors and Lucas CPR devices. All ambulances are capable of the highest level of prehospital care, or "Advanced Life Support."

Finally, the Department maintains a fleet of First Responder vehicles: 4 Advanced Life Support and 2 Basic Life Support which are staffed 24/7. These vehicles can move through the District much more quickly than an ambulance and also have the ability to go off-road, courtesy of their 4WD system, adding yet another obstacle the South Country Ambulance can overcome at any time of the day.


South Country isn't just ambulances; our Department has vehicles capable of traversing any terrain in the roughly 23 square mile District. The Special Operations division, commanded by Capt. Neil Thomas, features marine units, such as a 26' Boston Whaler and the 21' Maritime Skiff. Additionally, the Department maintains four bicycles, two Polaris quads, two JetSki's, and one Gator ATV.

In the unfortunate event of a person being lost or missing, the Department maintains aerial assets in the form of two drones, both capable of high-definition video live streaming and one capable of thermal imaging both piloted by FAA-licensed RPIC's who can aid in the recovery of the missing person.

Residents of the District can sleep safely at night knowing that any time they pick up the phone to call 911 for what could be one of their darkest days, the South Country Ambulance company will be there– quickly, efficiently, and well prepared for anything you can throw at us.



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